What courses should I take for being a full stack dev? or being a front end dev?

What courses should I take for being a full stack dev? or being a front end dev?


Hi @PingRoll ,

I bet starting with the CSS & HTML courses and then diving into JS would be a great start for the front end stuff. I’ve found freeCodeCamp in addition to YouTube project guides keeps it interesting and allowed me to learn the most. You can also consider just running through the courses in the order provided through freeCodeCamp. The ordering makes a lot of sense, and that’s what I’m doing!

The unwarranted advice I’d give to myself is to not rush it - you’ll save a lot of time taking your time and making sure you understand, searching google and other resources for answers is a whole lot faster than speed running it and then realizing hey, I haven’t retained a whole lot.


I’ll look into it for sure. Thanks for the insight and advice!


For aspiring Full Stack Developer or Front End Developers, freeCodeCamp offers a comprehensive curriculum and resources that can greatly benefit your learning journey. Here are some courses and resources you might find helpful:

  • Begin with the Responsive Web Design Certification this will give you an understanding of HTML and CSS
  • Next dive into JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification to gain a clear understanding on the concepts of JS.
  • You can the proceed to learning about the Front End Libraries Certification which focuses on front end libraries/frameworks.
  • Then proceed to do the certification on Data Visualization then Back End Development and APIs

During this entire learning journey remember to do practice by building projects.


hey @PingRoll !

i agree with all the comments here.

personally after seeking help in the forum, I was advised to complete a certification and do projects before going on to the next certificate

(I just did the first cert and im using frontendmentor.com to build projects)

It also makes a HUGE difference if you put a lot of effort in learning how to learn, making a good linkedin profile + posting content + connecting with people genuinely (How To Build An Amazing LinkedIn Profile [15+ Proven Tips])


I had a thought today that made me think of the “connecting people” comment @aldehyde made here. Surprisingly, a big boost to my learning has come from a few discord channels that I answer questions on, and answering questions on these forums - people (hopefully) get some help, but I pick up a surprising amount of information through my own research and weirdly enough, writing it/saying it to someone seems to cement my understanding. The things I’ve told people I remember more frequently.


These are huge tips! thank you for the website references. They’re going to help alot!


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