Front End Development Certification

Hello all! I have seen online that many people have gotten front end developer roles by completing the “front end certification” on freecodecamp. However, when I look at the certifications offered on freecodecamp, I cannot seem to find it. I only see front end libraries. Is the front end certification a combination of some the six 300 hr certificates offered? Any insight you have would be appreciated.

Note: My plan is to get a front end development certification (with the completed projects, not just the cert), get a job in front end (since I want to leave my current career as soon as possible), then complete the rest of the fullstack course while working and transition to a fullstack engineer position.

Note: This is what I have found on the FCC website:

There are six freeCodeCamp certificate. I want to know which one(s) are for front end development:

Responsive Web Design
Algorithms and Data Structures
Front End Libraries
Data Visualization
APIs and Microservices
Information Security and Quality Assurance

Each certificate curriculum should take approximately 300 hours to complete and includes 5 required projects, while other challenges are optional.


In the past there were fewer certificates. As more have been added, the names have changed.

Thank you. But which ones do I need to complete to be ready for a front end developer position?

The Responsive Web Design, JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures, and Front End Libraries Certifications constitute the Front End Developer portions of the curriculum

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Since I wanna do exactly what you wanna do which is to get a front-end dev job, I’ve been researching this for quite a while and learned that you need to do Responsive Web Design, Algorithms and Data Structures, Front End Libraries to become a front-end dev. To help other campers here, I made my documentation page on this topic. Here it is:

Hope this can help. I would love to hear your feedback on this as well.

It couldn’t hurt to do all of the FreeCodeCamp certifications. A little back-end knowledge is useful when developing for the front end.

Also, keep in mind that each of these certifications just scratches the surface. I had to do a couple of Udemy tutorials on JavaScript and jQuery before I felt mildly comfortable. Check out Udemy and EdX (especially the CS50 courses) for further information and training in these varied topics.

Hey I’m a bit late to the party here, but if you want an “official” answer:

“You can still claim all of the original 3 certifications (Front End, Back End, and Data Visualization) from the freeCodeCamp settings page.”

Some of the projects have moved over to the Interview Prep Section but they’re all there. We discontinued it because people would complete it, then complain that they weren’t able to get jobs as front end developers. Like, of course you can’t get a job as a front end developer after only 300 or 400 hours of coding. Our intention was always that people would complete the entire curriculum (~2000 hours), then do the interview prep section while they conducted their job search.

“Front End Development Certification” was a bad name because it was a job title. Now all of our certifications focus on skill sets rather than job titles due to this confusion.


Here are some more Front End Certifications you can look at -

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