What certifications to get if I want to do front end developing?

I need to know what certifications to get for Front end developing?

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The freeCodeCamp certificates are not meant to be independent; they are steps along the way to the full stack certificate. They’re more like milestones than qualifications.

That said, at the very least I think that you would need to do “Responsive Web Design”, “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures”, “Front End Libraries”, and “APIs and Microservices”.

Thanks for your response . I’m new to this so I thought that you can take certain courses.

You are welcome to bounce around and put more emphasis on one aspect than another, but the curriculum is designed to be a path to full stack web development.

It’s also important to keep in mind that even if you plan to do mostly “front end” development, that still requires knowing a fair amount of how many “back end” pieces work. Even if you only plan on consuming APIs, you’ll want a strong foundation in what an API is and how it functions.

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hie awhite711
imo - HTML, CSS, JAVA in that order.

do the FCC courses in sequence

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Javascript and Java are two different things, never confuse the two!


my bad.
JavaScript not JAVA
veeery different

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Thanks ArielLeslie…
Having only started learning coding during the recent lockdown myself, I realisedd that my learning should gradually lead me to back end programming.
The more deeper the concepts get, an understnding of back-end becomes necessary.
I am currently on Bootstrap

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