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hi i just want to know how many of the courses i have to pass for front-end development in freecodecamp courses

Hi @SinaNikzad-1999 !

The first four certifications cover front end.

  • Responsive design
  • Javascript algorithms
  • front end libraries
  • data visualization

thank you for the answer
i think the

  • Back End Development and APIs

is good to have have a basic understanding of back-end development
am i right?

Hi @SinaNikzad-1999 !
For back-end there are

  • Api and microservers

  • Quality Assurance

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there is not anymore a certification of that name!

it’s Backend Development and APIs

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thank for your advice

I think a basic understanding of backend is good to have.

You will learn how to make basic servers, learn about npm and learn how to work with a database.

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I am Sorry! I actually checked it some time ago.

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