Learning Backend Development


I want to learn backend web development. Which freeCodeCamp certification course should I do?
I am thinking to do first JavaScript course and then API and Microservices course? Is it correct?

Also please let me know any other resources which would guide me.


Welcome to FreeCodeCamp!

FreeCodeCamp teaches the foundations of Front-End and Back-End development.

If you will never touch the Front-End, then these certifications.

  • Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification
  • Apis And Microservices Certification
  • Information Security And Quality Assurance Certification

However, in the dev world some employers are asking for knowledge of both domains.

Also, try to remember to do a web search for whenever you run into trouble.

Don’t forget the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel. Packed with excellent tutorials, it’s an awesome companion to the fCC online coding curriculum!

In particular, if you’re looking to learn backend stuff, there’s a Node.js tutorials section.


freecodecamp is a good place to start from, but you will need also videos to learn from so I recommend for you The net ninja, Traversy Media, Academind