My career as a backend develor

Hello everyone, please I am new to coding and I have interest in becoming a backend developer, please what should I learn first?

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There are various languages available for this.
FreeCodeCamp backend curriculum compehend:

  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification
  • APIs and Microservices Certification
  • Information Security and Quality Assurance Certification

(even if the projects and how some things are given presuppone you have done all the previous stuff)

but this is just a possibility. The Odin Project teaches Ruby for backend, for example.
Maybe look at some job postings for the area you live in and see what’s requested more.
Or just pick, get good at it, and see later if you need to learn something else (it will be much easier) or if you just want to focus on one thing.

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So can I start as a beginner with JavaScript Alogrithims and Data Structures certification?

Thanks a lot for your response

Yes, the first two certifications are indepent from each other.
The rest will build on those two.

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