What i need to become a front end developer?


Hi there!
I am new to freeCodeCamp and wonder, if the whole roadmap of courses(i.e. front end certification, data vizualisation, back end certification and so on) will be enough to start working as a front end developer?
do you just pick up the courses you need, or do everything from the beginning till the end?

thanks a lot!


You definitely don’t need backend certificate to become front end developer. Data visualization basically teaches you react and d3.js. React is an advantageous skill to have for a frontend developer, d3 not so much.


hi,thanks for a quick answer)
but how do think, is a freecode camp front ent course enough to become a developer?
I used to learn Java Core myself and now start front end course just to decided what I like more - front end or back end developing.


Front end course is basic html, css, javascript and jquery. That is a good introduction to frontend so you can decide whether you like it or not. But if you really want to find a front end developer position you better learn one of angular/react/vue frameworks and get some understanding of npm and build tools. Less/sass would also be helpful but there is not much to learn.