To be a good web-developer here on freeCodeCamp, should I finish all the certificates available?

I’m asking this because I may probably not finish all of them. I am pretty sure I will finish the responsive web certification, javascrpit, front-end and possibly data visualization. But the rest doesn’t interest me. Are they really important for a web developer? To have a good portfolio for professional stuff here on freeCodeCamp, are the rest really necessary? Because as I said, I have no interests on those.

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The first 3 are amazing and good to learn:

  1. CSS/HTML it covers everything well
  2. JavaScript this was fun for me, but it is challenging
  3. React; …i learned but ignored the jQuery/Redux parts.
  4. Data; … personally it falls off here, AJAX (fetch/API) is good but it’s basically D3 … which is very specialized, so when you get stuck you’ll learn to read/search.

Really depends on your goals and what you want to learn or make. First 2 are 100% great and necessary. Once you complete those there are many options to go down, but I enjoyed React.


Thanks for the reply! As I said, I don’t know if just of what I will finish (responsive web certification, javascripit, front-end and possibly data visualization) will be necessary for a good portfolio/knowledge for being a good web-developer. But obviously I will also complement the courses with other resources like books, tutorials and etc, but in this case I’m talking about only the freeCodeCamp as a resource.

You can make a good portfolio with just the 1st course.

You can make a slightly better portfolio after the Javscript course.

Then if you move into jQuery (or normal JS preferably) you can make an amazing portfolio.

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It depends. Firstly, define your goal. Front-End? Back-End? DevOps? All?
Check this article:

Thank you for the answer, I’m gonna check it out.
But now replying you, my primary goal is front-end.

In this article, FCC’s creator describes a roadmap with technologies you should learn to be a Front-End Developer. They aren’t all required before you start looking for jobs. It’s just a suggested learning programme.

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was there a link? thx

First of all, thank you so much that you asked these questions because I am also confused about that part. By reading other developers suggestions, I know what to do know. I also want to recommend you to complete the projects at the end of each topics. Believe me you will improve your skills a lot. Good Luck !

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Thank you my friend! Good luck for you too.

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