Front end vs Back end

Hello everyone! I was hoping someone could help me with a question.
As someone new to programming and new to FCC, i was wondering if it is necessary for me to complete the
front end certification before going for the back end certification (which is my main goal) as im not really a design
person, and have never been. Thank you all and i hope to learn a lot here on free code camp!

You can do anything in any order you want, but they all need to be done before you can get into the non-profit work.

If you are new to javascript (or to programming as a whole), I would still suggest doing the javascript tutorials (ideally html and css too… at least the basics!) and the algorithms from the front-end.

It might also be useful to do a few of the front-end projects as well. They are easier than the back-end projects, so it would make it easier to understand how to integrate javascript into a real project. If you don’t care about design, you don’t even need to style anything. Just make it work.

It all depends on the background you have. If you are already very familiar with javascript, go ahead and skip to the backend.


Imho a good back-end developer should be able to do a front-end developer’s job (badly), but I wouldn’t think in these terms yet, before you have some experience. Do at least (some of) the front-end projects and read a lot on HTML/JS and some on CSS and software development in general. Those technologies are the foundations of the web and you have to know them before doing anything else.

Work on projects on your own machine, not codepen, and host them somewhere on the web. Work with npm, use webpack/browserify for deployment, eslint/jshint for code checking. On the way get into git and throw in a bunch of unit tests with mocha/tape for good measure. Get confident in a terminal/powershell/cmd.exe. If you can do all that comfortably, you’re already well underway for your back-end certificate.

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