Back end certificate syllabus?

I have just finished the front end certificate and still feel there are massive holes in my knowledge and experience if I want get a junior developer job. Although I feel I am fairly proficient with javascript and jQuery, I wish the challenges and projects taught more about the procedural steps one needs to take in order to create similar projects in real life. Like how to run your code through a text editor for example…

I am hoping the back end course will fill in those gaps. After looking at some of the projects I can see that it covers SQL database stuff and node.js which is great.

Can anyone who has done the back end certificate tell me if the course takes you through the process of making a site go live, how to set up payment gateways, create functional contact forms etc…

I understand that when working through a FCC certificate it’s best to supplement your learning with other reading material and other courses, but do the front and back end certificates give you enough knowledge to confidently perform an entry level programming job?

I honestly have no knowledge, I am just starting to learn the basics.

Nothing gives you knowledge. You take it. Sure, that sounds cheesy, but it’s crucial to understand that nothing in any program, course, or degree is going to transport knowledge into your brain. What you get out of your projects is what you put into them. The courses on the FCC map don’t cover every single thing you could want to do, so you’ll likely be looking for tutorials, but when you complete the whole curriculum you’ll have developed very, very valuable skills.

If you feel confident in your front-end work (congrats on the cert), I’d say your next step should be to set up a local development environment. Start using git and Github. Watch some YouTube videos on fundamental concepts like how HTTP works.

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