Back End - Is it Enough?

Hey guys,

Just started using FCC and I’ve gotta say I’m loving it - so well built. I’m about 10 hours in and it’s going great so far, but I’ve a few concerns I was hoping to get your opinions on.

I read some stories from FCC graduates who landed a job, and I couldn’t help but notice most of them work in Front-End development, rather than Full-Stack.

Looking over the curriculum thereafter, I also noticed a similar thing:

When it comes to learning hours (not project-building hours), Front-End lessons vastly outweigh Back-End development lessons:

Front-End lessons have about 187 hours of pure learning, while Back-End lessons only have about 27.

So I’m wondering - as a guy who’s interested in working in Back-End development and Full Stack development far more than Front-End development, is this the right place for me? Does FCC’s Back-End section cover it well enough for me to be able to work in it once I finish learning?

Hope you guys can alleviate my concerns about this, as I really like FCC so far :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance, and happy coding! :smile:

As you might have seen here … this is specifically targeting JavaScript . Eventually what is needed is deep understanding of JavaScript itself . That 27 hours justifies it since you would be having a robust knowledge of javascript by then doing something in nodejs would be much simpler for you. I would have been paranoid if it would have been JAVA instead of node :smiley:

Hello and welcome to the forums. I don’t want to seem like I’m discouraging interaction on the forum, but this question has been covered in many, many topics already.

The backend section seems shorter because the frontend lessons include basic JavaScript and other skills that apply to programming in general. Regardless of the section, understand that there will always be more to learn, so you’re never finished. If you can successfully complete all of the projects, you’ll have a great portfolio that will certainly be helpful in your job search. If you complete the non-profit work, you’ll have actual, professional coding experience on your resume.

@atharvajava @PortableStick Oh, that makes sense, thanks :). So just to be clear, the back-end section is just as comprehensive as the front-end (and on par with industry demands), only most of it is covered in the JavaScript lessons preceding the actual back-end section itself?

Also, I hope it didn’t look like I was repeating the “is FCC enough to get a job” question, I was asking more specifically about whether the knowledge covered in the back-end section is enough or not :slight_smile: .

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