Should I stop after the front end section?

Finally done with the front end section on FCC!! I need some advice… my plan was to only go this far in FCC and then start building projects to get better that way, just learn things as I need to, to complete the projects. Or should I continue with the FCC curriculum? I’m planning on sticking to front end for some time n later in my career learn the back end

First good job finishing the front end section. That means you got all the way through JS as well, which is a big accomplishment.

You can stick with front end, but I think those jobs are are fewer and farther in between. Regardless, you will likely have to learn new technology no matter what job you get. I went and learned PHP, SQL, as well as the JS backend. However, my job uses Python for the backend, so I’m having to learn it as quickly as possible! And that’s just one of the techs they use that I’m not familiar with. Plus lots of frameworks.

What draws you to only wanting to do frontend? I also like the frontend, because I love seeing my work. However, I also like the backend. Today I just spent 8 hours trying to understand a parser. Lol. There’s nothing to look at and show family at the end of doing that.

There are front-end jobs. I do front end stuff at work as well. Mostly big fixes and some adding features. We were going to build out a whole new platform, but that got scrapped. It would have meant the next few weeks I would have spent taking mockups and building them out in Vue.

I’ve also interviewed as well as done freelance for front-end only jobs. Those involved getting mockups from a designer or design team, and building them out. The only thing I didn’t like about those jobs, was they only wanted JavaScript, jQuery, html and css.

Ultimately, I think the more you know, the better. But no one will ever say you shouldn’t build prpjects. I would consider your time horizon, reasons for learning (looking for work or just enjoy it?), long-term and short-term professional goals, and what you enjoy.

Hope that gives some insight.

Thanks for taking the time to reply and thank you for pointing out the getting through JS part lol cash register challenge was no joke. I like front end because of exactly what you said, I like having something tangible to show friends and fam but it also involves less algorithms than backend from what I read online, so figured it’ll be easier to land a job if I focus on that.

I want to first get good at the front end before I move to the back end. I’ve never really tried backend so I guess I wouldn’t know how hard it is, to be honest I am a little intimidated by it and was holding it off.

As far as time I am looking to get hired within 6-9 months, not really in a rush, I have a job I have fun at and coming home to code is also a fun hobby for me, I had A LOT of fun working through the JS challenges and building the front end projects.

Eventually I do want to get a job and see how I like it, I want to get better and didn’t know what was the best possible route and decided to post it here, once again, thank you for taking time out of your day to offer some insight.

To give some perspective, I only learned PHP/SQL after finishing front-end stuff, to help put up my first website… and actually I had no need to learn that stuff at the time, since all I used it for was to repeat insert headers/footers. I put stuff in a database as well for one app to practice.

After that, I spent about 3-4 months just building stuff with React and getting comfortable. Eventually I reached the point where I felt a little too comfortable, and that’s when I finally took on the MongoDB/Node/Express on FCC.

So I’d be a hypocrite if I said, “No! Go straight for back-end now!” haha. Good luck!

The “front-end” section of FCC is definitely not enough for job readiness, even if the role is almost all front-end work. (Yes there are jobs that exist that you could get, but for the industry as a whole - no.) But it sounds like your motivation isn’t to get a job as a developer, at least not anytime soon. In that case what you might want to start doing is trying to build cool stuff on your own. I think that you’ll find that in order to complete them, you’ll have to seek out additional technical skills. That might be a more natural way for you to start expanding your skill set.

One thing I have to comment on though…

No. False. Statements similar to this come up a fair amount on the forum and they make my ass twitch every time. An algorithm is a logical process that will produce the same, predictable, result for an input every time. Being “good at algorithms” means that you can write a logical solution to a problem that is elegant, efficient, and robust. That’s also what being “a good programmer” means: front end, back end, or full stack.

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That sounds like a great way to go about it lol thanks for the advice !

Thanks for shedding some light on my perspective on algorithms and I totally agree that finishing the front end section isn’t enough to be industry ready, cause I don’t feel ready at all at this point lol

Yeah building things is a more natural way for me to learn things and little by little I want to start building more and more complex projects to seek out those additional skills required to complete the task. And eventually venture into backend like @ethanvernon did either by coming back to FCC to learn or tutorials. Then build projects using backend technologies until I feel like im ready for a job. At that point I’ll probably post another career advice post lol

Thanks again for your feedback!

Sounds like you’re learning and enjoying the process, which is great. It’s not always about getting a job as soon as possible. Happy coding!

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i did what you suggest: do front-end section. and than practise more.
now, i have front-end job.

so, what i do exactly? like i said: front-end-cert, practise lots of js, react, redux, and build build build.

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Ahh yeah! That sounds amazing! Thank you lol yes build build build! Lol and it’s so much more fun :smiley: