Is FFC worth it for me if I just don't like the front end of web development?

So like many of you here I am trying to get the first baby steps into a programming career. I’ve failed many time trying to progress through ffc because of lack of motivation or lack of time or both and in the top of that, I despise everything that have to do with the front end. I’ve had better success learning Java before but I fail to get a straight goal. Id like to do android development but apparently, they’re not that much demand in my area so getting my first job in android dev would be a very difficult thing to do. There is a high demand in javascript and web development. So I thought about starting as a backend dev but I should have a minimum base knowledge in the front end, right? I am planning just to “just do it asap before I (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻” for the front end part of ffc but I need some opinion to see if I’m being wrong or right about that…

If backend is what you wanna focus on then do backend. FCC has lessons for nodejs which is javascript for building servers. To understand that youre gonna need javascript. Js is just one of many server side languages. Theres ruby, python, etc. I think FCC has some python lessons too. You can absolutely do only Js and python on FCC and skip all the front end stuff. No one site is gonna teach you absolutely everything but FCC is a nice start.

Pretty much all of the projects on FCC are going to be working toward full stack, so they’re going to require front-end work as well as back-end. You say that you’ve had success teaching yourself other languages in the past, so why not pick some projects that you can build using those technologies?