What should I learn as a web developer?

Hello. I just hopped in the life of programming 1 year ago when I got to University(Computer Science) and lately I’ve been thinking deep about learning web development. I’ve spent a lot of time researching, watching stuffs that were related to web development. Now that I found out that free code camp has a forum, I went straight here and I want to ask you guys the following question: What should I learn and in which order to become a junior web developer(or at least achieving the performance to write code alone).
Also, I want to ask about free courses here. For becoming a front-end developer, which of them should I follow, and of course, the order matters. But for back-end?
On the other hand, if possible I want to ask about best resources, code practices, sites, editors, communities that can help me and make my journey easily.

My plan is to learn something new everyday for at least 2 hours because I really like this job and I want to become a web developer from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you everybody and happy programming!



the freecodecamp curriculum is already a free course, have you looked at it?

Yes, I did and I guess that I should follow only the first 2 to become a front end developer. Am I right?

the third cert is called Front-End libraries and frameworks

the first two certs are just basics

the fourth is also front end, the Data Visualization one

today just HTML/CSS and JavaScript is not enough, at least a framework is required