Morning , I need Advice

Hey everyone, hope you are doing well,
q: Should I learn Css , I’m already know basics of html and Css
but I never did a project with them should I do ?
while I want to be a back-end developer [Node.js] specifically .
I really appreciate your help . blush:

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Welcome to the Freecodecamp forums.

If you think you know enough about HTML and CSS then you can just try to solve the Project Challenges at the end of responsive web design section. It would give you a sense of the level you are at.

However my advise is to just go through the whole responsive web design section step by step starting from the first lesson because even if you want to become a Node.js developer then you would still need to work with template engines like handlebars to create the view layer of your application which requires you to have a fundamental understanding of HTML.

The Responsive web design certification doesn’t go too deep into each topic while still giving you an overview of the stuff you’ll come across while working on a website and if you are already familiar with the syntax then it shouldn’t take you more than 10 days to skim through the whole thing and then you can work on the projects and move on to server side with Node.js. My point ism it wouldn’t hurt to refresh your memory and get some actual experience working on projects that have set requirements you need to pass.

Hope this helped! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hello @Mahmmmoud , as far as I know, CSS and HTML is not enough, you need to know Javascript for web design. But you are in a good way.

Regarding Backend I think they use different languages like PHP, Ruby, Java, Net and Python and even SQL, MySQL and so on. Also their functions are different.
It is possible to be a FullStacks, of course, so you can focus first on frontend development, and then in backend.
Hope this helps


Great thx a lot i really appreciate your advice it really helps :heart_eyes:

yeah , i asked that cause i want to finish my path in js right now , but i got confused that i don’t know if my basics of html and css enough , thx for your advice , i think fullstack a far away dream ! ,
i stick with back-end :slight_smile:

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Yes. This is one of the basic building blocks of the internet, so it’s worth being at least somewhat comfortable with.

freeCodeCamp has several projects to practice your html and css.

This may not be true everywhere, but I don’t think I’ve seen Node positions that are back-end only. Typically, one of the reasons that companies use Node on the back-end is because using JavaScript throughout makes it easier to find full-stack developers who can work on your project. Although developers have personal skills in different areas, I don’t often see a JS developer who doesn’t have to worry about the UI at all.

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Great Advice , thx a lot u light me up :heart_eyes:

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