Is heavy emphasis on learnin css important

Hi the reason im asking this is because my main goal is on backend development and doing just enough to get by front end projects to complete free code camp front end certification so that im able to create websites from scratch.

i have exp programming for months but i have 0 clue how web dev really works.(currently studying comp science major). Coded in java C# and now learning data structures and algo in c++.

Since frameworks like bootstrap exist. Am i able to get by just knowing the basics of css ?. Esp for the front end dev projects portion

If you have decent back end skills and that’s what you want to do, then sure, just used Bootstrap. But FCC focuses more on the front end and creating a portfolio of web apps . If that is what you want to do, then having some CSS-ninja skills will set you apart.

FCC might not be the best place for learning back end because it teaches the MERN stack, which is not much used in the wild. But you could build the projects in Java or C# if you wanted. Nothing to stop you.

what frameworks do you recommend learning?

The lines between front end and back end get blurred sometimes. I think any backend person should know the basics of the frontend, and vice versa. You don’t need to be an expert, but you should learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JS. A little jQuery and Bootstrap would probably be good, too. There are so many libraries/frameworks, but those are pretty much what is expected as a baseline, from what I can tell. On the back end, learning some HTML templating language would probably be good too.

Hi there, thank you so much for your reply.

I am actually unaware about mern stack and your info is really helpful. I was thinking of focusing on mean stack with more emphasis on backend.

I do have some basic knowledge and some practice of css and html both of which i learnt thru the past 2 weeks. Box modeling, selectors in css. Html semetics. But i was wondering if i need further knowledge such as sass etc since im going to focus on backend node js anw.

I also starting to like js compared to other languages which i most likely going to make it my core language to learn web dev.(and yes language is not the concept).

More importantly, my main goal is being able to develop web applications from scratch. And have a good portfolio to be hirable for a backend job or mean stack.

And even tho i mention being mean stack here, my priority is backend . Mainly because its relevant to my double major security and comp science. Which i can apply more towards backend.

But since both front and back are important and i do like designing websites with front end stuff. I am not ignoring that component as well so something like 70 % backend and 30 % front end

Hi thanks for your reply , i agree with what you say and i do have basic knowledge of html and css with some practice such as box modeling , selectors , positioning , semetrics. And i also picked up js. Since im going with node js with backend.

Just that im unsure if its required to learn things like sass which is more advanced.

The reason i want to choose backend more because its highly relevant to my degree comp science and security. Esp the secutity portion where i hopefully can apply my knowledge to backend.

Im am of cuz interested in front end portion since i like web design as well. Which i prob focus on being a mean stack dev as a goal.

With priority of 70 percent backend and 30 percent front end.

Just that im unsure if its required to learn things like sass which is more advanced.

Yeah, I would worry more about CSS than SASS, if you want to be a backend guy.

With priority of 70 percent backend and 30 percent front end.

That sounds like a good goal. Once you have a basic understanding of frontend, I might even roll that back a little more. And once you get up to and intermediate level on CSS, then maybe you can start learning SASS, etc., which will be much easier than learning CSS was.

I do a lot a job hunting, and I don’t see nearly as many jobs for “pure” backend work. Most expect you to know a little frontend. YMMV. Just keep learning. You’ll start searching the job market and get an idea what people want. There’s not perfect stack or perfect ratio of FE/BE that will automatically get you a job. Maybe start looking on job sites and see what the kind of jobs you like are looking for. If you have a job/company you really, really like, maybe even send the company an email, “Hey, I like what you do and would love to be a BE coder for you one day, on what technologies would you recommend that I work?”

Just keep learning. Pick a stack you like and learn it well. Then start branching out and familiarizing yourself with others and other supporting technologies. Eventually your growing skills, the job market, and a little luck will intersect and you’ll get the job.

Well said about the keep learning part =). I think its more important building something that is complete overall.

Also about the job hunting part i think it depends on location. Over here java is popular. And companies are slow in keeping up with technologies. I have yet to see any mean stack job ad here. Mostly aim towards lamp stack using php.

Building something is important. It is a great way to figure out what technologies you need.

I’d definitely recommend learning Sass. It’s easy to pick up and it hugely improves CSS by introducing variables and mixins.

You could also think about learning Angular with Typescript. Because of its static typing and class-based structure, Angular is more similar to a back end style. I’ve heard anecdotally that Java developers love it. It also has built in Sass support.