I didn't like this

Hi everyone, i think that i dont belong here, you know? I mean i’m very bad designing with html and css…
It takes me hours to designs a simple portfolio and i even like the result!

Before this i was learning C++, i really like it, and when i come here and see Javascript i said “wow, this is almost identical”

So the problem is, i don’t like html and css, but i love Javascript and i think that i would love any programming language similar to it or its frameworks, but i need to get a job. Do you think that just mastering Javascript (and its APIs and frameworks obviously) i could find something?

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You could focus on Node and backend technologies if you don’t like the front end languages. Node’s documentation is really great and so are Express’s. I’d look there for more info on JS for the backend.

i’m gonna focuses on Node.JS. i’m quitting CSS!

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You can still build front end stuff and don’t worry about what it looks like. In a real job it’s pretty likely that someone else will be responsible for the design and you’ll do the logic. All my projects look as though they were designed by a programmer. Either use bootstrap with all the defaults in place or use just enough css to stop things overlapping :slight_smile:

ps: all the fcc node projects are still going to require you to write at least a bit of front end stuff

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I think a lot of people here aren’t fond of design, which is fine. Focusing on backend is probably a good idea as mentioned above, but I think backend developers do better is they have some knowledge of front end. Perhaps CSS is less important, but a basic foundation is surely a good thing, especially being familiar with how JavaScript interacts with the DOM.


Ok… i will give it a last chance

It’s not fun if it’s not your thing, but I assure you learning front end (CSS and others) could be valuable.