Not good a css and frontend

Everyone around me makes frontend designs so easily, I can do the same, but I have to copy and paste css and html, I am not good at it, I am very bad at it. Is there a complete course to guide me through this.
I am not able to create nice looking designs.
I can’t even make a simple thing in css. I need a framework for everything(I am specifically talking about bootstrap). I can’t make anything on my own.
I can’t make anything on my own.
I need a complete course on css and frontend.
I don’t know anything

Hey @gururajankappa!

You don’t need to feel bad for not being a designer. Honestly most people probably aren’t natural designers. Some people have that gift for design and I envy them because I definitely don’t. I think the main thing is just keeping it clean and easy to read and access.

Hey @gururajankappa. Seems like you are so sad.
Don’t worry, before developing a project, do the following:

  • Draw your dream website on a piece of paper and you will have an idea of what you are developing (this is called wireframing).
  • Design your dream website on a prototyping tool like Figma and after you’re done, you will have a reference when developing websites. (this is the way I do)

Don’t feel bad if you don’t have design skills. You will learn from experiences. As @jwilkins.oboe said, you should mainly focus on making things simple, clean, and easy to access.

Happy Designing and Coding!

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@paulsonstech brings up a good point about you seeming sad. I do remember replying to another one of your posts and you seemed really bummed out there too.

Might I add one piece of advice and that is to just focus on one project at a time. I looked at your profile and you recently asked questions about a python project you were working on and then another question about a mobile app.

I think you will see your stress level go down if you just focus on one project at a time.


Thanks a lot for answering

Thanks a lot for answering!!

Is there a complete course on all this?

Have you learned the freeCodeCamp’s Responsive Web Design course. If not, complete it. There might be other courses on this.

Yes. I have completed it

But still I am very bad at css. Very…very bad

If you are trying to learn something, learn one at a time and start from the base. Don’t be like me (when I started coding, I learned PHP first and did not understand a single line of PHP code and later I realized that HTML is the base language of web dev.

Yes. I didn’t make that mistake. But I need a complete course on css and frontend in general. So that I can improve

Try this link
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It seems like you are searching for a unicorn course that really doesn’t exist. There are a lot of great courses out there but there will never be one called absolute beginner to senior developer. That straight up doesn’t exist in any language. Courses are only meant to take you so far and then you have to learn through trail and error.

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@jwilkins.oboe is right. There is nothing better than learning from mistakes. If you do things yourself, you will learn any language easily.

maybe you will not like the answer, but what you need to do is practice.

post your current projects one at a time in #project-feedback, listen to the feedback, make them better, and when you have finished, do other projects, for example the Take Home projects in the Interview Prep Section of the fcc curriculum, there is the Odin Project, or google for ideas.

make them, ask for feedback, make them better

!important: do not follow tutorials, but start from ideas, or list of user stories, or from a finished project and try to replicate it

also, do not work on many things at a time, better one, but max 2-3 projects at a time.

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Hi, I get how you feel, I often feel like that most of the time but the great thing is that you can recognize it and want to improve, You say you’re not good at css & front end, well first, I hope you understand the syntax down to its bones, work hard on getting it. You say you do well by copying and pasting code, that’s good. Then, I’ll advice that you go ahead by making minor design changes to designs you’ve copied, littles things like color matching and fonts, layout of elements. Then I say you should identify some of these designs you like and respect so much and try to reproduce them yourself from scratch. Copycat. When you’re stuck, you can search for how to do the stuff you want. Keep copying, overtime you’ll develop your own criticisms of the things you prefer or what you’d do differently in a particular design and when you do have these thoughts pay attention. That’s your inner designer style materializing. Keep copying and keep modifying small areas until you can start modifying big areas: whole sections, large color areas and transformations. Eventually, the way you’ve been copying other designs Will pay off because now when you have a design in mind and you will have an idea no one has done yet you’re crazy about, wireframe it, sketch it out, don’t care how it looks it’s just a blueprint for the vision in your mind, using that blue print, copy it. Now you’ll be copying your own self but using the skills and design elements you’ve learnt from masters you respect. When you take all their individual techniques and use them in the ways you feel work best for your design you’ll have created a masterpiece of your own. Don’t stop practicing. Be sure to know the syntax back and forth. Nothing is new under the sun. Original ideas are mostly passive memories modified enough to make them our own. Good luck.


What I’ve done before to practice my design skills. I look at templates then I code it on my own without looking at the source code of the template. I learned proper spacing, proper font size and proper color combinations from those templates. Just do it in your own interpretation.

Dont copy the whole code. If you see a cool effect or design if you think it will be hard to implement just peek on the the css/javascript of it so you can figure it out how did the designer done it so you can apply it your own design someday.

Gradually after doing pure html/css and javascript for 3 months I can say that my design skills totally improved and I got some inspirations from those templates as well.


I’m comfortable with that :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot for answering,.