Do I need to take CSS or Frontend

Im almost done with the JavaScript certification and I am not sure if I should do the web design section and just avoid and go straight into frontend certification. Would I be okay if I miss out on the CSS part… I do have some experience with HTML & CSS but not that good at it. What do you guys think?

If your familiar with it, but are just “ok” I’d recommend going into it even as just a refresher. As one of my professors once said “Its better to be bored than confused”.

The only time I wouldn’t go into these sections is if you are in a massive pinch of time, and or have little to 0 plans of ever touching the front-end. In either of those situations skipping some parts, to focus on “what you what you want to learn” is probably better.

There isn’t a “correct” way, only a recommended way of going thru FCC. I personally skipped over some of the front-end challenges/projects so I could focus on the JS sections. I eventually did double back to get that “foundation” for front-end work, which is inevitable if your going into web development.

Good luck, keep learning :slight_smile:

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Right on thank you. Yeah I figured I too want to be a frontend software engineer so might as well get through it. Forsure I’ll just knock it out anyways!