Just got my Front End Web Dev Certificate

Hi all,

I just got my front end web development certificate earlier today.

After completing the Front End Web Development section, I feel pretty proficient in HTML, CSS, SCSS (self-taught and used in all my projects except first two), Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Is this enough to attract a front end web dev interview? I feel like the skill that’s missing is AngularJS or React, or some other huge library for UI building…

Is what I have learned from FCC so far enough or will it be necessary to pick up something like Angular to get some meaningful interviews for front end? I’m asking because I want to get started on the back end as well but want to have a “complete” set of skills for front end before venturing off.


Congrats on getting your front end web development certificate. I think you should start applying and in parallel work on Angular JS or React JS. If someone asks you in the interview about these frameworks, be confident and say that you’re learning them right now and with my java script background I should be able to pick them pretty fast etc., on these lines.

I would do the following :

  1. just do a quick search on Angular and React JS on any popular job search site and see the number of openings in Angular and React to get an idea of which one I should learn first.
  2. do google search “Angular vs React” to get an idea of how different are these two frameworks.
  3. Decide on which one to learn first.

Personally, I prefer React as there are very less number of people who know this library but again I may be wrong based on the location you’re living currently might change as well.


Congratulations!!! Im in the same boat you are… just got my Front End a couple days ago and my plan was to delve into Back End. I need to start working sooner rather than later though, and feel like I need to add a JS library to round things out for Front End work…my choice is React, so I started the React course on Udacity and will do the FCC Data Visualization cert before I head to the Back End cert.

Ive already started applying to jobs, but really feel like once I can get some React projects in my portfolio and put that on my resume, it will make my chances even better.


The more you know the better. There are a lot of books and resources about learning the MEAN stack for example, which might help you with your goal to start incorporating back end into your projects.
I cant speak to the job aspect. Ill let someone more knowledgeable answer that.