Need help finding employment after FCC Front End Certificate

How could I position myself to be more employable after attaining the FCC certificate?
I’ve done the following:

• Created Web Portfolio
• Connected with recruiters and developers on LinkedIn in my area.
• Received Udemy certificate for ReactJS

Any other suggestions? Is there a group for Junior Front End Developers on LinkedIn? Thanks in advance!

I’m also curious about this topic. I was told that I could theoretically get a job after attaining my FCC certificate, but I’m not quite old enough to have a job. Could I still code websites and whatnot from home, just not work in an office yet?

After the front-end certificat the best you can do is learn a framework/library like ReactJS or Angular. Most web development projects will use one. I see you already learned some React. Did you do any projects with it? If not, that would be your next step.
If you have mostly done small projects, try to do a larger one. Or take one of your small projects and add more features.

The other option would be to focus on learning design. Either visual design or UX design. I don’t know much about either, but having visually appealing projects can help too.

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Best way to find employment is to showcase your worth.
In other words, why someone should hire you and not someone else?

For that, you will need a portfolio with projects showing your knowledge.


Thanks, I will look into both options that you have suggested.

For the most part, junior positions are filled by people who are entusiastic and at the end of the day it doesn’t necessarily come down to your experience or skill. The most important thing to a company is to come across as someone who wants to learn is passionate about web developing and who is easy to get along with.

In my current field of work I am in charge of employing labourers to train up to fit ventilation. Nine times out of ten I will choose the person who comes across keenest to get stuck in and likeable. I dont want to be working with someone who has the skills, but who doesnt want to give it 100%.

I have found personally one of the best things I have done is create a Github account and showcased my work on there. Every company I have interviewed with has been interested and have mentioned the projects that are in there.
Its nothing impressive! Just answers to quizzes I did on the Udacity scholarship, an open source project and different apps that I have built through certain courses. If you are interested it can be found here

@Roofusthesecond I am not sure on where you are from, but in the UK you are only able to work for a company (even remote) if you are of age. That said, when I was 14 I used to design websites for people and get a nice little bit of money from it. If you get some real world experience, then you will be in a good position for your first junior role when you are old enough.