Thank you for everyone here

I should have said earlier, but yeah I made it and I forgot to thank to this community. Such a welcoming and supporting place for beginners like me.

So I joined FCC in 2018, I guess. And 4 years later, in 2022 - a company with nice people hired me as junior developer.

FCC was not my only source of learning, there were countless ebooks, tutorials, and personal projects along the way. But FCC was big part of it.

I’m still learning and will always. The next target is either C# or Java, because it looks like they are often used in projects here. Still sucks in CSS though but thanks God I never have to write it from scratch here.

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Couple of things which helped me, to stop hating CSS and start loving are as below; hopefully it will help you as well

  1. BEM
  2. Checkout below 2 forum posts from me
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Hello @vikramvi thanks for the tips! I will check it out. Hopefully with more systematic approach it will come easier and even better enjoyable.

Definitely, I remember during my learning phase in 2021; I use to hate CSS to the core and use to think it as if an alien language.

I feel not every student gets it; at first time or even 10th time; patience + practice is the key during learning phase.

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