My 1st FCC designs and some thoughts

Morning/evening everyone.
After 3 months of learning and playing with HTML, CSS i finally finished my 1st 5 FCC Design projects.
Portfolio. Any feedback most welcome.
But for now i would like to share few thoughts.
I will start from codepen. Its great thanks to preview option. lts very handy to see how something is changing when we change one bit of code. And that brings me to another thing. During my first weeks of tinkering i just typed code without thinking. Now i noticed that its good to wrap objects into colorful frames (border/background color). Then atleast i could see what is changing and how. Its best way to memorize code and its function, afterall practice is best teacher.
I been doing for now easy, basic stuff but, what i seen, what could be done in HTML,CSS makes me wonder if i will be able to masterpiece most of it one day???
I am deticating up to few hours a day to read and type but after 3 months it still feels that i just only scratched the surface.
If it comes to courses, FCC is ofering good start for HTML/CSS but for more or ‘more advanced’ stuff Web is a must even for tools like that.
I am moving slowly now to JS. Did some work in FCC but i must say that its hard. I am really strugling.
Half of the courses on FCC i managed to go thrue (with some help here and there) but rest is hard.
Literally i do not know what i am asked to do and most importantly how to even start.
Maybe its beacuse english isnt my first language, who knows.
I think that 300 hours for JS would be more likely 600 or more.

Programming is hard. People who make it look easy mostly have spent god knows how long practicing. Kinda cheesy to say, but at the mark of three months, you’re literally only at the beginning of a never ending journey. Give yourself the time you need; everybody’s learning timeline is different.

On the bright side, I sometimes think learning to program is just like working out. You got what you put in; if you keep at it and push through, there will be results.

Finally, if you want some extra materials for javascript, check this one out. This kinda interactive tutorials are my personal favorites.
If a bit more reading is fine with you, you can also check out MDN’s learn javascript modules.

Good luck!

That link to Modern JS tutorial is what i been looking for. Thx very much.

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