Some questions about to be better

Hi everyone I want to ask some questions:
First is you can give me and advice about the learned content . I mean , few days ago I finished the RWD and want to know about good practices to hold that knowledge on my mind.
And the second is how to learn more about html/css, the is some technique to make it in a good way?

Thanks you all!

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Once you have the basics down, the only way to really learn is by doing and digging into research when you encounter something unknown.


Build and learn. And when you get tired of that, learn and build. Just keep learning. You won’t remember everything - that is OK. It’ll come back. Just keep going. If you want to write good apps, first you have to write a bunch of bad apps.


Don’t focus on “holding the knowledge” in your brain, you want the stuff you learned to get into your “muscle” memory, and the best way to do that is practice. At the start you might have to look some stuff up, and thats ok and to be expected. Even after tons of practicing you might have to lookup some things here and there. Simply put CSS and HTML have a lot to remember. Looking things up and knowing how to get answers is just as important as knowing what you can lookup.

The best way to expand your knowledge horizon is just to experiment. Places like MDN go over HTML, along with a bunch of other topics for web development. Just randomly reading a long might introduce you to newer ideas and concepts you can go learn more about.

Furthermore, you should continue with the curriculum, as the first section is used as the basis/environment to learn a number of the other sections, which primarily focus on JavaScript, which is where things get more complex. As not only will you have to learn the syntax of the language, you also will have to learn the underlying concepts of programming. These concepts are what you can take-away from JavaScript and apply to other languages you will learn.

HTML/CSS can be seen as the web “content”, but JS is where you build stuff to do stuff. You can build stuff with just HTML/CSS, but what you can build is limited. With JS you can build anything.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building!


There are several things you can do to get better at HTML and CSS:

  • Download Emmet in your IDE and start using it when you code html and css. It will increase your productivity dramatically.
  • Start taking advantage of your browser developer tools and learn how to use the inspector tools. Go to your favorite sites and use the inspect tool to make the site “do things” by editing the stylesheets that are downloaded. This will give you an idea of how modern sites are built.
  • Building projects are great, but sometimes you don’t know where to begin. There are resource materials out there that help give you ideas on things to build:

Overall, the best way to learn is by doing projects on your own without using a walkthrough. This is the way.


This is the way! thanks