Better ways to learn?

Hello campers!

I’ve been following the lessons last 3 days since I joined. I had learned basic of html, css, javascript before. The problem was/is that I don’t feel like getting it into my brain, for example, I want to use radio button and can’t think of what does it need to be made precisely. it’s harder when it’s more complicated one.

What I want to ask is do you remember most of stuff when you develop?
and are there better ways to doing it?


Practice, practice, practice.
Do not limit yourself to only FCC for learning material. I originally saw it more as an outline, and the rest you fill in with self-directed learning. That is what is actually really good about FCC, you get so much practice with the projects.
Brian Holt, who makes courses I take on Front End Masters, said you have to “Learn Voraciously!” to become a developer. You do not need to pay for a Brian Holt course, as he makes them available for free outside of FEM: Into to Web Dev with Brian Holt (his React courses are available too, I like them a lot).

And here is a good MDN article that will cover form inputs, like radio buttons, more deeply: Basic Native Form Controls (MDN)

Good Luck!


Thanks for the reply!
Yeah that’s the answer I was afraid to hear :sweat_smile: I should look further and play it like hobby then.

It is impossible to know everything about web development because the landscape is changing so quickly. You might become an expert on something and then not touch it for half a year and when you go back it might be like reading a foreign language (that’s why good comments are essential). If a developer tells you that they never have to google an answer for anything they are lying.

Learn the basics well to develop a solid foundation and then keep educating yourself to stay up to date. Don’t feel bad if you can’t remember everything you’ve learned because no one can. Besides, chances are you will be using a library you found on github to handle all the small details :slight_smile:

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So its not expected to remember everything 100% off the top of your head. The level of understanding you want at least is being able to identify and re-lookup a given topic. So for example, you don’t remember exactly how a radio button works, but you know about what a radio button is. This is the only knowledge you need to go learn more. Looking up references like on mdn gives you tons of easy knowledge without remembering more than “I need a radio button”. You can apply this sort of thinking to almost anything up to a point.

You will find as you go further and learn more than you can’t look everything up (you can try hehe) as it will take to long, or what you find isn’t 100% what you need. This is where experience comes in. For example if you tried to lookup a way to get multiple options to be checked using a radio button in your references you’d be more or less wasting your time as thats more of a checkbox feature. You wouldn’t of known this without having some experience on the differences.

Furthermore once you start getting deeper in programming specifically, there will be problems that are so open ended you will end up sitting around going “what do I do!” and thats ok that just means you need more experience around these problems so they are more familiar.

Don’t be afraid of not knowing, embrace it as its a sign there is more to learn and room to grow. Acknowledge you don’t need to know everything, but you do need to be able to learn (almost) anything over time.

Experience is experience, and such comes with time. Keep at it and good luck!

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Thanks for the replies all, I will come to read again when I need motivation in the future :slight_smile:

I highly recommend follow the tutorials on, it’s really simple and starts from level zero. don’t forget to write the codes for each section in your text editor. if you didn’t learn something, read it several times until you understand it.
Furthermore watch HTML && CSS tutorials from FCC on youtube. (don’t forget to type the codes! :slight_smile: )
Good luck.

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