How to improve in CSS?

Hi guys!

I’m doing the responsive web projects of FCC, however, I feel like my CSS is weak (in HTML5 I’m doing fine).

I’m looking for a web or series of exercises (tons of them), which are like challenges, of course, focused on CSS. I feel that I am missing a lot in this discipline and I would like to learn more (mastering it) before I even study JS.

You guys who have more experience: should I focus much more time on studying and mastering CSS? Or do I move directly to JS?

Thanks for your attention, I love you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve honestly been messing with web development here and there since High School… I’m 39 now… I honstly still wouldn’t say I’m great at CSS but then CSS was in it’s ifancy when I first started using it and the same goes for JS. I’d like to think I’ve gotten better and probably really do need to set down and focus my CSS-fu more.

What I would suggest for CSS and probably do more of myself is find a site you like the design on, and try to recreate it the best you can. This will help start to give you better connection between what something should look like and the code nessary to do so.

How I first learned it, and one of the few things is still possible. CSS still has the advantage of still being readable inspecting someone else website. It might be minified by you can click the little {} on chrome dev tools to expand it back out, and you can inspect the dom to see what styles are applied to what. You can even tweak it from there to see what happeneds.

Largely I just plug away trying various things till something looks okay to me then move on, probably not the best way. lol

Its largely up to you what to do, if you’d like to spend more time on CSS do it, if not as you progress and read things on sites like Medium you might pick up on additional ideas on how to improve.


Thanks for the advice!

Being a master at CSS is not necessary to learn JS.

Looking at what you shared in another thread, you have a flair for design. I am guessing that you could have a lot of fun with a non-compiled language like JavaScript.


When I studied my university career I took a bit of java, but the career was chemistry and the programming course was more focused on solving numerical methods, differential equations, simulation, etc. I’m not very good at programming, but I know the basics of a programming language like java.

Thanks for the advice, I will take it and I will continue advancing and learning the world of JS, I suppose that over time (and replicating websites as mentioned by @jnmorse, I will learn the CSS details.

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@efrain.puntes Yes, learning CSS well is a good idea. Any time spent learning will only help you. This is what you can do, pick up a CSS book that goes in depth. Carry it with you where ever you go and if you get stuck waiting somewhere, read it. The advanced CSS books I have are not long. Your will read one quicker than you ever imaged and learn a great deal.

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You read my mind, that’s the name of the book I started reading today in the afternoon :slight_smile:

Well, that will be the plan: Try to copy websites and read this book, in a month or two I send you a website that reflects (I hope) some progress.

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Reading that will surely help. It is filled with great advanced CSS techniques.