I want some advice Please

I’ve just completed HTML and basic CSS from Freecodecamp , and also Udemy helped me in learning these things. Now I think I’m good enough in HTML , but I’m not sure about CSS . Some things in CSS I couldn’t understood :frowning: . Now what should I do should I start learning CSS again , or continue to new lessons ? How can I get perfect in CSS and HTML ?

Practice - maybe start already the projects at the end of the fcc curriculum

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Is there any other platform to learn CSS deeply other than FCC ? Should I go for it ?

Search “learn css” on google and you will find hundreds of places

The best way is practice, think of how you want to style that tribute page (because anything is possible) and google on how to do it

To make the page responsive there are the parts in the curriculum about media queries, flex-box and grid that can be useful

Why would you want to do this?

Learn what you need know to create something. The best way to learn what you need is to apply it to a project. Like ieahleen said in their response, “start at the projects at the end of the curriculum.”

Why do you want to be a HTML,CSS master? What are you trying to accomplish?

This is not something you need to master to build websites, understand programming, or is stopping you from moving forward. This is not like math where you need to understand what a limit is before you can understand how calculus works.

learning CSS is not easy and not hard at the same time. especially CSS3. you need a lot of practice so that you can master it. start projects from scratch or look into some websites tutorials and learn from them.
Good Luck :blush: