How did you learn HTML + CSS?

I have an extremely basic understanding of HTML and CSS. As a website owner, I think they’re valuable skills to have. I was thinking about using Codecademy to start. I’d like to hear what you used to learn. They could be paid or free, I don’t mind. I’d just like to hear your thoughts on why you chose the method you did and why you think it worked for you!

I chose the FCC curriculum because it’s free, indepth and with step-by-step practical exercises.

Hello @siryu00

Here’s how I did it: I went through FreeCodeCamp’s Responsive Web Design curriculum, built the 5 projects at the end of the section and kept practicing. I would redo the projects a couple times, say for example the Tribute Page: I did one for my favorite actor, another one for my favorite song artist, e.t.c.

I also looked up websites and tried to clone them using HTML and CSS. I did a ton of those and with time I was getting better.

FreeCodeC amp Responsive Web Design curriculum is great to learn HTML & CSS. It’s beginner friendly, step by step learning with real life application challenges. You can never go wrong with FreeCodeCamp. With that and consistency in practicing, you will get better and better with time.

In case you get stuck or need any help, this forum is a great place to connect with people and get help in your learning journey.

Happy learning.

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Hi ,I started to learn it from Treehouse then later when I knew something already then I learn here freecodecamp.

Hi @siryu00 !

Welcome to the forum!

I started with an edx course on html and css, tried a couple of udemy courses before settling on freeCodeCamp.

I went through the responsive web design course and continued with the other front end courses while building projects on the side.

Building projects, either through a class or on your own, is the best way to strengthen your skills and apply the concepts you have learned.

I would suggest going through some of the practice projects from the new curriculum.

Mimo app. Super fun and foundational. Moved on to a Udemy course by Jonas Schmidt on html and css, came here and completed the curriculum.

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