Basic HTML5 in FreeCodeCamp

I have this doubt, I’ve been thinking about the fundamentals of HTML and HTML5 in FreeCodeCamp and I sow that the course is very superficial or really, really basic, I did not see tables, and other things that for me are important, well this my humble opinion.
The question is: Is because is a course to learn responsive web design?
In other words, the real focus is on learning or delving into CSS and not into HTML?
What do you think about this?
I don’t want to go to other platforms

As you continue with Free Code Camp, you are definitely going to need to use other resources. FCC doesn’t teach every html tag, css property, JavaScript method, etc… or even close. They’re focused on teaching how it works so that you have the tools and foundation to branch out in the areas most relevant to you.

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@ArielLeslie Thank you for your opinion, I have it more clear.