Beginner at coding

Just started learning coding yesterday. Can an expert please give me tips and do I need to learn all the key words such as "image src href " etc. Thank you.

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Are you using the freeCodeCamp curriculum? Those terms are explained in the curriculum, and you can ask clarifying questions about any part of any challenge.

Yes I did the first course of html but will the courses be enough to learn everything. I don’t want to be a software programmer but I hope to build a company of my own so I’m making sure that I know everything ,web programming, accounts, economics as a CEO has to be present at all places. Also i have alot of time im in grade 11 only so I think i have about 3 years.

Hi @AbdulAhad1!

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There is no way to learn EVERYTHING in programming.

Instead, learn what you need for the project at hand.

The responsive design course will teach you the basics. From there you will need to do additional research.

Why 3 years?

What happens in 3 years?

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Thanks so these courses will be enough for the basics?

Yes it does.

The first course called responsive design will teach html and css.
The next course is the javascript course.

Javascript adds the functionality and interactive portion to the website.

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The purpose of the freeCodeCamp curriculum is to teach the basics of web development.

Thanks alot for your precious time. :slight_smile:

Thanks alot for your precious time. :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem!

Good luck with your business!

Don’t read the manuals; front to back.
My VB5 search engine uses maybe 10 or 15% of the instruction set.
The other 85 or 90 percent are just a confusion… With no need to study or remember.
Programming is about Extract, Sort and Report.
and keeping it simple stupid.
Flowcharting would have solved the Max 8 software bug. (By playing computer)
Don’t think do…

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