Need some info about freecodecamp

I am new as a coder. I was finding a trusted website for many days to learn coding to be a web developer. At last I found this platform called freecodecamp. But I am curious for knowing some information. Now I am writing that in the form of questions. Please help me by answering.

Is freecodecamp enough for learning web development basic to advance?
What’s are taught here?
Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome to FreeCodeCamp!

The curriculum provided by FreeCodeCamp is an excellent place to start. I recommend beginning with the Responsive Web Design Certification. The lessons will teach you the basics, but in my experience the biggest learning comes from completing the projects.

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Thank you brother. But which things will be taught? Do you know? Kindly inform me about that if you know.

If you look through the drop-down menus of the curriculum you can see what topics are currently covered.

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There is a list of topics on

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I have seen it but didn’t understand what are covered here

Free Code Camp teaches the MERN stack, MongoDB, Express JS, React JS and Node JS

starting first with HTML/CSS and JavaScript, which are the basics for web development, and also a few other libraries

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