Help a beginner to start

Hello. I hope you are doing well.
Actually, I’ve just registered in freecodecamp and I’m a beginner in coding. Unfortunately I didn’t find the basics in the curriculum for beginners.
I want to know where should I start.

You should start with the responsive web design certification

Thanks Jessica
I appreciate it

Yeah start with responsive web design and you can go on YouTube to check out CodingStein for help.

Thank you Leshawn
It will be very helpful

Pls i am a beginner also where can i find : Programming Language, to start?

JavaScript is the first programming language that freeCodeCamp teaches.
But if you are interested in learning web development, then you should start with the Responsive Web design curriculum here

The responsive web design curriculum teaches HTML and CSS.
Then the next curriculum teaches JavaScript.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the fundamental languages of web development.

If you follow the list of courses, in order then you will be fine


Thanks so much for all you do, blessings unlimited. My ultimate objective is to be able to create my own Forex EA using my strategies.

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