Responsive Web Design, Curriculum Question

I’ve recently come back to FCC to refresh my basic front-end skills, but as I work through the material I’m finding some things missing that I learned in other (not FCC) courses. Are the following topics eventually covered in the Responsive Web Design curriculum course?

-External Style Sheets
-Limiting id use - because I noticed id’s are heavily used in the projects, but have been told to limit them if possible (this could just be a gap in my knowledge).

Thanks in advance!

Hello @kwinfl, welcome to freeCodeCamp forums!

If I remember correctly it does cover some of what your asking, however it doesn’t really focus on these too much due to a few reasons, mainly related to how the curriculum is setup. For example its hard to test external style sheets without a full dev environment, which fCC doesn’t go over so its easier to learn the core concepts, at the cost of learning how to setup your own local dev environment. So the limitations of the platform means it can’t directly “teach/test” against these things.

The other consideration is that freeCodeCamp curriculum isn’t a one stop shop. It focuses on some things, but doesn’t try to cover everything. Using external resources like freeCodeCamps youtube channel or searching the news feed or even leveraging these forums to get help/answers/feedback. All of which are all part of freeCodeCamp, but aren’t directly tied to the curriculum :slight_smile:

Finally, the curriculum is designed with most of the focus on the projects, where you could use these things, but they aren’t forced on you. You could use jquery (which is covered) or you could use React (which is covered later), or you could even use vanilla JavaScript. (but its not recommended for the more advance projects) Just like the real world, you have flexible options of how to learn what you want to learn about :slight_smile:

Good luck, keep building, keep learning :smiley:

Thanks for your reply and insight, I appreciate it!