Regarding the freeCodeCamp JavaScript Curriculum

Hi ,
I am a 15 year old learning front-end development on your website. I really liked your curriculum of HTML,CSS,JS. But in the JavaScript curriculum you have not included anything about how to use Js in our project about including app.js in html and how to change properties of various html elements using javascript so on and so forth. I strongly suggest you to add this type of information in your js curriculum. It would be really helpful.

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If you are referring to the DOM than, that is introduced in the react section in the front end certification.

Also the new all project based curriculum introduces the DOM earlier.


Hello there,

Throughout the curriculum, it is important to keep in mind:

  • The curriculum is not a one-stop shop. There is too much to web development to include it all, and expect campers to complete in any reasonable amount of time.
  • Campers are encouraged to Read-Search-Ask.

There are many ways to slice an apple (I think that is a saying). freeCodeCamp specifically does not teach certain local development practices, because it would be different for so many campers. At the end of the day/lesson, campers are taught enough to do their own research through other resources.

Making a curriculum is difficult. Some say the fCC curriculum holds camper’s hands too much. Others say they need (want) more hand-holding.

Hope this clarifies.