Curriculum Roadmap for Front End devleopment?

I’m a ux designer. I am learning JS on my after-work time and I want to eventually be able to develop complicated websites (ecommerce, interactive etc) and web-apps. I started with Basic Javascript in FCC. And I know HTML and CSS (nothing about DOM manipulation) to some extent. However, I couldn’t find a proper roadmap in the curriculum. There is responsive course, and then basic JS and then algorithm and then only front end course. I’m a bit lost about how to proceed and which curriculum to learn afterwards. I did read a few articles from FCC but I didn’t find anything that points towards the definite curriculum. So please share your views and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

freeCodeCamp is a single curriculum that is intended to be followed in order. You’re welcome to skip around, but you’re welcome to skip around if it works well for you. (The only exception is the Python material which is sort of its own thing.)