WHAT are the FCC Curriculum parts to learn Front End only?

I want to focus on front end, at least for now. What are the parts, in the FreeCodecamp curriculm, that I should learn to achieve that goal?

At least the first three.

Any other add on to the first three after completing them? May be from Codecademy oor other resources? Thanks much!

Short answer: the first 4.

Long answer:

  1. Definitely do the Responsive Web Design Certificate. This teaches you the basics of HTML and CSS. You’ll probably want to go more in-depth on flexbox and grid elsewhere, learn more about CSS units, and generally get a lot more practice with it. Finding a tutorial on design (how to make a website or app look nice) is probably a good idea too.
  2. Definitely do the JavaScript DS&A Certificate. Just make sure you learn the ES6 stuff, as this cert kinda goes over it quickly and its not needed to complete the projects.
  3. Find another course on DOM manipulation with vanilla JavaScript. This is almost completely skipped over in the FCC curriculum.
  4. You can probably skip a lot of the lessons on the Front End Libraries Cert- specifically the React/Redux stuff because it is outdated. So learn React elsewhere, then come back and do the projects.
  5. The Data Visualization Cert is optional. I think D3 is fun, but it’s not necessarily going to be useful to you (there aren’t many jobs that ask for D3 knowledge). It does have lessons on getting data from APIs, so that might be worth going through. However, it doesn’t go into async/await, which is kind of the modern way of doing things. So, again, you’ll have to learn this stuff elsewhere.

So should i use Codecademy to fill the gaps? Any suggestions on free online material available? If you know a better resource, low cost is ok, please feel free…

I really like Scrimba’s free courses –

For learning CSS FlexBox:

For learnign CSS Grid:

For learning DOM manipulation with vanilla JavaScript:

For learning React:

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