Why there is no tutorial for the HTML DOM in FCC

So, I have completed the FCC Responsive Web Design and JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Course and I really like how courses were designed now according to FCC I should be doing the Front end libraries certification section which introduces us to the world of BootStrap, Sass, JQuery, React and Redux which is cool but the point of this post is why there is no section for JS HTML DOM I mean we can do some solid things with Vanilla JS (Plain JS) why there is no section for that does the FCC wants us to do research by our own or they ignore it intentionally.

It is generally frowned upon to do direct DOM manipulation nowadays.

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I didn’t get you what you mean

@ARQSoft, if you look at front end development nowadays, you’ll see that it’s dominated by frameworks/library (react, vue, elem, svelte…); there’s not that much vanilla DOM manipulation anymore.

My suggestion is, if you want to practice a bit of vanilla JS, on a project instead of using JQuery use the native commands.

This is a resource that might come handy: you don’t need jquery.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for answering and thanks for the resource too :heart_decoration:

Hello there,

Just to clarify, there is some vanilla JS DOM manipulation in the curriculum: https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/data-visualization/#json-apis-and-ajax

Also, the next version of the curriculum includes a bit more.

Otherwise, as others have said, whilst it is an excellent idea to learn DOM manipulation with vanilla JS, in production environments this is indirectly avoided, through the use of Front End frameworks/libraries.

Keep in mind, freeCodeCamp set out with the intention of covering a specific skill/toolset for most web developers to get their first job; I cannot remember ever seeing a job advert that:
a) Did not ask for experience with a frontend framework
b) Did ask for experience with vanilla DOM manipulation

So, yes, freeCodeCamp does largely expect you to do the research, and it was quite possibly left out on purpose (before my time :man_shrugging: ).

Hope this helps clarify

Just to add: So often, we get requests to add such and such library/API/framework to the curriculum. I understand why these are requested, but this is not at all the point of the curriculum. The curriculum teaches programming concepts, and happened to focus on web development, because of the focus to get a developer a job; the market eats up web developers. The curriculum also just so happens to teach the MERN stack. It is popular…

What I am getting at is, there is no way the curriculum can teach everything everyone wants. What it can do is get Campers to the point where they know enough to research beyond the curriculum, and find their own specific path.

That is all from me :slightly_smiling_face:


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