HTML, CSS & JS. What's next?


I’m nearing the end of JS. I would like to know if I should move on to Front End Libraries Certification or should I step away a bit from fCC and build a few website with HTML, CSS and vanilla JS?

Thanks in advance

if there is a topic that fcc doesn’t cover is how to integrate JS with HTML and CSS, at least not with vanilla js, so you could do some of those - the topic is called DOM manipulation (Document Object Model). there is a while bunch of methods and functiosn that let you target specific elements and listen to events on them, or change them. There is a lot of stuff there.

Front End Libriaries cover this and more, but with libraries and frameworks - nowadays for complex projects a framework is much more common than vannila js

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thanks for mentioning DOM. The reason I raised the question is because I was reading a bit on DOM, jQuery and React. So based on my understanding so far jQuery replaces DOM? React and jQuery are substitute, therefore it is better to focus on one instead of learning both at once?

jQuery is becoming less and less popular because a lot of stuff it was used for, is now possible in vanilla js

React and jQuery are not comparable, React lets you do more complex stuff - the freecodecamp website is built in react for example

skip DOM and jQuery? Jump directly to React?

why don’t you try to do a page where clicking a button the background changes color, or something like that?

using just javascript

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