I'm done with Javascript course, what's next?

Today I’ve finally completed Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures course. I had no previous programming experience before starting with FCC, so I was wandering what should I learn next.

Next course in curriculum is Front End Libraries, but I’m not sure should I even start it. I don’t even know anything about DOM because for whatever reason FCC doesn’t cover it, so maybe that should be my next step?

And also, in Front End Libraries course they teach JQuery and as far as I know JQuery is not being used that much anymore. There are also courses on React and Redux which I’m not interested in. I wanted to Learn Angular or Vue but FCC doesn’t cover neither of those topics.

So, should I even start with Front End Libraries course, or should I learn Angular or Vue form different source? Or should I spend some time learning DOM first?

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If you mean learning about the DOM then there’s really not much to learn

It’s about interacting with a tree of elements, that represents the page, which isn’t a particularly huge topic in and of itself

The frameworks are all abstractions around interacting with the DOM in some way, from quite simple ones like jquery wrapping DOM elements to allow a more procedural style, to React’s notion of a shadow DOM handling the manipulation for you behind the scenes

The FCC course is quite opinionated, using React, and I think it is worth becoming familiar with React, but at this point you can go on to learn any web framework and be okay

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I found it helpful to learn about the DOM after finishing the JS curriculum, before getting into the Front End projects. Here are a couple resources I found to be really helpful.

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Congratulations!! if you have some time can you give me more information about this courses Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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