Suggestions on where/what to learn after FCC?

Hello together :wave:

this is my first thread and i am new to the forum. I’ve been doing the JavaScript Course for the last few Weeks and i am thinking about what is coming next. I am looking for some of you who possibly already did what i am going through right now.

The thing is i am not exactly sure if i should just jump right into doing a project or if i should do another course or join a bootcamp. Should i continue with Data visualization or any other course without intensifying OOP, FP or just jumping into something like Codingame or Hackerrank for Algorithm Skripting

Previous knowledge before starting the JS course. A lot of HTML, CSS, PHP and bootstrap with some simple js.
Skills i am interested in: Handling APIs, Mobile App Dev (thinking about going with Vue, Angular or React, currently leaning towards Vue), Ajax, leaning towards Full-Stack because i really like to work on Backends and Databases

Maybe some of you have some suggestions that i can look into :smiley: I am really freakin confused
Thank you in advance for responses.

Hello and welcome to the freeCodeCamp community~!

There is no reason you cannot do both. After I finished the JavaScript section, I jumped right in to the Front End Libraries section. At the same time, I started working through some algorithms on CodeWars to sharpen my skills with the logical flow of that type of programming.


Thank you thats a good point