Where to start!?!?!?

I am currently learning java script through freecodecamp and youtube videos and I am really eager to apply what I learn.

but my question is, After I learn all the fundamentals of javascript WHERE DO I GO FROM THERE?
I know I can’t get a job just knowing fundamentals and I know there has to be more to javascript than adding 2 numbers together!

What should I learn to get my self on the right path to leaving my backbreaking oilfield job and beginning a programming career.

Any feedback is appreciated much love everyone!

just keep following the curriculum here in FCC. There is a lot more to learn.

I know I haven’t even begin to crack the surface of what javascript can do I am just still very confused on to how all the arrays, functions, and loops are applied in real life situations. :slight_smile:

Do not hurry and worry too much, just be determined.
Once you go through challenges on FCC you will get to know about javascript and its various aspects.
And for the points or challenges that you don’t understand, you can always come back here or google them to know more. Just follow FCC curriculum As @hbar1st mentioned.

I am determined for sure :smile: just very impatient I guess that will have to be one of my lessons as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the quick responses and support <3

Practice, practice, practice.

Good thing js is fun!

I needed to repeat all of the js algos a few times to really understand how arrays, loops, conditionals, and the logic of how and when to use them. As well, I worked on CodeWars algos, and found out that some bootcamps had free, pre-acceptance courses that taught algos and data structures as well. I believe Hack Reactor has one. I also used Coding Dojo’s algorithm book (I think I bought it from Amazon).

As well, projects. Check out the list of FCC projects like random quoter, or weather app are fun. Or maybe you want something practical like learning how to rename all the files you download from a camera SD card from the terminal. This was a quick, fun and handy project. And don’t forget to show off your projects! Share links here or in the chat. Gotta brag and show off your babies.

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Thank you! That is all very helpful info I will definitely dig deeper into this :blush: your help is very much appreciated!

I would think in terms of what you want to do with JS. So, if you want to do front end, for example, get to know the “machine” you’ll be programming (in this case, mostly the browser). If front end is your thing, start getting to know the standard objects of the DOM. Learning the ins and outs of objects like Node (not the framework, the browser object), NodeList, Document, etc., and the particular properties you can manipulate, and the methods the objects provide right off the shelf, lets you know a lot more about how you’re going to use these cool new JS tricks.

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