After i finished the fundamental for java script what I do?

Hello! I wan t ask to a question : after I finished the fundamental for java script I think I should start practices to the projects I can you use the language (in website) or you suggest other course to learn ? thanks I wish to I success day.


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This is subjective suggestion. If you have an idea for personal project already, I’d say go for it. Otherwise, I’d say continue FCC up to at least the backend certification, and after then start a full stack project. This is assuming that you want to go full-stack instead of only knowing front-end. If you only want to be a front-end engineer, you have to get at least to the React part because React is the current prevailing stack.


It’s a good idea but what are you mean about FCC.

FCC doesnt offer a smooth transition to start use JS in a web app, so id suggest search for some video guide maybe, some basic project to build, using vanilla JS syntax and once you get that going, you should definitely continue with the frontend part of FCC. Ofc you can pick on it right away, but for a while you might feel there is something you missed

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FCC = Free Code Camp

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i did that when i leaned html & css it’s very helpful .

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