JavaScript Programming - Full Course?

Hi guys,

I was just wanted to get a little bit of advice…

So basically I have completed the Responsive Web Design Certification (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and I am currently working through the Javascript & Algorithms Certification. I have completed the basic section and working on the ES6 section which I’m struggling slightly with I guess because I am being introduced to the newer ways of writing functions etc (syntactic sugar) from what I previously learnt.

I think at times I feel a bit lost with JavaScript…I mean I understand many of the concepts, iterating through arrays, loops, functions, if/else vs switch statements, template literals etc and I love the challenges (though I get confused with some) but I feel that all the things I have grasped and picked up are quite abstract in that I’m not applying what I’ve learnt to a project or putting it all together with HTML/CSS (I guess that’s for me to research and source).

So anyway, I stumbled across FreeCodeCamp’s JavaScript Programming Full Course on Scrimba. I like the idea that you create apps & projects as you go along, putting it together with HTML & CSS and the reviews sound amazing but I’m wondering if I start that course will I be going back on myself (going through what a variable is again etc)?

I guess my question is should I continue on my JS & Algorithms /ES6 path (currently on 17/29) until it all comes together or should I take a detour?

My other question is further down the JavaScript & Algorithms path, do we actually get to see how it all comes together with HTML & CSS?

I’m not sure if this all makes any sense!

Many thanks guys!!!

Big up FreeCodeCamp!

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One of the faults of the Current FCC JavaScript course is that the DOM(the vannila JS way of interacting with html and css) is barely discussed and not used at all. Instead, you must wait until the front-end libraries section in order to interact with html-css and javascript together using react. However, I recommend taking scrimba’s courses together with FCC’s as combining them both gives you a better understanding.

I personally enjoyed Scrimba’s free Javascript courses so hopefully you do too


Also don’t feel like you have to relearn everyhting in a new course.

If a video is covering something so simple as what is var if you don’t need a refresher than feel free to scrub through and only take what you need :+1:


Thank you so much for your quick reply!
Wow, front-end libraries is a long way down from where I am haha.
Thanks for the info!
Oh Scrimba’s definitely where I’m heading to now. It does seem like a very practical/fun course.

Sound advice, many thanks!

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With you, brilliant!! Cheers dude, on it!

Not really. It doesn’t come together in basic JS, because JS is first and foremost a programing language and FCC basically uses it as an introduction to coding.
Personally, I would think completing it is still decent though.

The other reason it doesn’t come together is because hardly anyone is using pure JS on websites. You got tons of additional tools like JQuery or complete Frameworks like vue.js, which all work WITH JavaScript and thus you should understand JS, but they offer a lot of functionality which go far beyond basic JS and thus every framework in itself can not just fill prolonged courses - but actual careers. Like, full-time developers working just with vue.js or wordpress or whatnot - so ofcourse those things would go beyond what a JS course or would cover.

Now with that out of the way - do you need to finish the FCC-JS? Ofcourse not. If you find another program that interests you and that seems more to your liking, go ahead. If it is on a beginner-level and covers the basics, you should learn the same thing as would be covered here.
Obviously I cannot say for sure. Maybe the FCC-JS covers things the other program doesn’t mention? Who knows… anyway, at the end of the day, you won’t miss anything that would ruin your career - worst case you gotta look into the documentation.

Plus, ofcourse making complete working apps / programs offers it’s own perks for motivation. So if you want to go for that - no need to fear missing out on anything :wink:

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To be fair, basic DOM manipulation isn’t really done in production code nowadays…


Thanks so much for the advice! Wow it has made me a bit more confused now.

My plan was/is to get into frontend web development. I did a couple of html modules in uni back in 96 and really enjoyed it, forgot about it until 20 years later (after questioning what do I actually like doing).

Fast forward, studied html 5/CSS through Codeacadamy/FreeCodeCamp, books etc built a few static pages. I thought the next progression was to get into the world of JavaScript - which I’m currently working on.

A couple of my web developer friends have suggested looking at frameworks such as React etc but like how I developed my knowledge of CSS (friends suggested I use Bootstrap) I wanted to explore the core language before looking into frameworks.

Actually, I think I’ve answered my own question…actually you explained it in your comment haha, just read it again. Basically the JavaScript course on FCC is solely about JavaScript. I did understand that, I worded my question wrong. I meant after the JS module. @Cy499_Studios mentioned that they all start interacting in the front-end libraries section.

I found this all very very helpful to write how I’m feeling about it all.
Ultimately I think I’m going to keep going module by module as I have done from the beginning rather than divert. I actually enjoy JS even though I’m finding some parts quite tricky.

Many thanks guys, you’ve been a big help!!

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