Question about JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

Hi there! I have decided to learn front end/web development and am eagerly starting with HTML and CSS. I see that freeCodeCamp has compiled a wonderful JavaScript Course and I would be eager to take it if applicable. My concern is that this course is only for the back end. Is this the case? Or does your JavaScript course work well for the front end? I understand that it is introductory, so I am assuming that it will work well for both areas, but I want to be certain. Finally, I understand that practice and building projects is the most important thing I can do once I get the basics down, but does anyone have some recommended courses/tutorials that I can use to extend my knowledge after freeCodeCamp? Thank you for your time!

html and css only is good for static pages, if you want interactive pages you will need JavaScript

after JavaScript introductory course there is the FrontEnd Framework and Libraries certification that will teach some tools to create interactive pages

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JavaScript is primarily a “front end” web language.

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Thank you for answering my questions!