New To Free Code Camp

Hi all, Jason here.
I am currently a South African student new to coding and started learning through free code camp with HTML. My goal is to start with HTML and move towards Java. Any suggestions of books I can read to enhance my learning experience?

Hey Jason, Welcome aboard!

There are a lot of great books, for.e.g you can check out O’Reilly’s HeadFirst Series books, they are great for beginners and also explain the concepts in a fun way.


I have recently purchased this set and so far they are really helpful. They seem to “flow” in a way that is easy to understand.

if your gonna get your hands dirty with JavaScript, I wouldn’t go too long before diving into Kyle’s You Dont Know JavaScript.

I took Java in college, before dropping out, and have intentionally drifted as far from Java as I can, however, if that’s your thing, one valuable skill you’ll want to pick up, (not just for Java, good for any language) is some algorithm work. Intro to Algorithm’s by Thomas Cormen et al. can’t be recommended enough, you can even find a free downloadable PDF copy online.

Good Luck.