Book recommendations?

Hello! Newbie here

I started coding and web development a few months ago. Though online courses have helped me a lot, I’d really feel like a good book with the very basics would benefit me a lot (I don’t have a mentor or anything, so when I get stuck I feel very frustrated, I fell a book could be of help in those cases).

Any good recommendations? I’m still learning basic html and css but I’m planning on moving ahead with other languages once I get the basics of these two.

Thank you so much in advance!!

Javascript & jQuery! I haven’t been through much of it yet but it’s been accompanying the site-curriculum beautifully!

Disclaimer: I haven’t read these books myself yet, but based on the strength of the user reviews, I’d say they’re probably worth considering.

I have read this set though, which is very good:

You probably can’t go wrong with any of these books. Pick the one that appeals most to you. The Jon Duckett set is very good and very accessible for beginners, but I can’t speak for the others.

Thanks a lot! I most certainly will be purchasing the set as soon as the paycheck arrives!

Okay, this is advice I give to many people. You think you want a book. You really want a course in programming. Harvard’s EdX CS50 is free to audit (90 bucks to get a certificate if that matters to you). HTML is a markup language. It only highlights text with instructions for a browser to layout the text in certain ways. CSS, too. Real application logic (“do this when the user does that”) requires programming. And while I love FCC, this is an area in which I believe they fall down. Without understanding programming fundamentals, it’s easy to get lost without the scaffolding of FCC. Good luck!