Good books to help supplement my learning?

Hey guys!

I’m brand new to programming - I started FCC a couple of days ago and I’m really enjoying it. It feels like I’m actually learning a useful technical skill.

Anyway, I digress –
I was wondering if there were any supplemental books you wonderful people could recommend for a newbie. I’ve signed up for CodeAcademy, Udacity, and have looked at their free program offerings, but what are some good books for somebody learning from scratch?

Thanks in advance!

I’m really enjoying the two Jon Duckett books, if you’re after hardcopies rather than e-books.

Great as a straight read-through or as a reference.


Javascript & jQuery

Free online. If you like paperback like me, the 6 book series is about $100.

There’s a list of tons of resources in GitHub. Here’s a list for HTML/CSS, and a list for JS. I haven’t seen everything, but you might stumble upon something you’ll find useful.

For some reason I find FCC’s link difficult to understand, but starting from the beginning with this link is really nice and things make a lot more sense.

And yes, like everyone says, YDKJS.