Any book suggestions for a beginner?

Hi, I am a beginner at programming. I have learnt HTML and CSS 2 months ago, and have been learning Javascript for about 1 month and a half. I have been having a lot of internet issues lately, so studying at FCC has become an issue. I don’t really want to waste time, so I was wondering, could anybody recommend me a book to read while the internet is not working? I have not studied computer science or anything related to it. Spanish or english works for me…And if the book is free online, then it would be better…I appreciate any recommendation…

You want a book that is free online to read while your internet is not working? Doesn’t really make sense. Also I would get updated on css3. For books in all seriousness when I first started I used the “for dummies” books. They break it down easily for anyone to understand, and they will run through the basics.

I was actually asking for free books that can be found online and I could download. And I also meant CSS, 2 months ago, not CSS2… I was reading the JavaScript for dummies, but I felt it was too basic that it was a waste of time. They do run through the basics, but I want a little bit more intermediate, or maybe something about computer science, anything that could help me understand and learn programming better.

If you want to go deeper with JS, I suggest you checkout Kyle Simpson’s you don’t know JS.

Also Eloquent Javascript is really good too.

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