Programming Books for beginners

Is there any good programming books for beginners? I want to use FCC and a book that is similar to this website. Any suggestion will be welcome.

You might find the following useful

For many languages specifically though, the official guides are often the place to go, e.g. the official Rust book

This is what you need:

In the React docs they recommend it and I am finding it really good.


I came here to find information on a book I’m working through.

It’s this one: HeadFirst JavaScript Programming

I’m wondering how others have gotten on/are getting on with it? I’ve tried a lot of online tutorials, and after them i hit the “holy hells what now??” phase. Hoping that working through a book like this will help bridge that gap. Let me know please? :smiley:

Thanks for the edit. Wondered why I got the formatting message haha.

i know site for begginers - coursera

Definitely check out You Don’t Know JS. There’s a repo with all the content here.

The content is relevant for beginners and experts alike, and I really like author’s clear explanations.