Books For Progamming Beginners

Hi Guys! I know many have asked this question already but I would like to ask it anyway!

So I’m into my journey to get the Full Stack Dev course done and I was wondering which books should I get as companions and “must have” (also to learn more / future proof) to get me going? I’m really committed to this and I want to work as a programmer. And I love to learn!

In the future I intend to learn RoR, Python, so also if you know the “must have” books about it, you’re welcome.

Your help will be appreciated! Thanks a lot!

P.S: I’m more into eBooks, as they are cheaper and help the environment!


Give this github link a try. These folks have scoured the web to make a library of the best FREE coding books on the web. I’ve downloaded a few javascript titles and emailed them to my kindle. Worked well for me.


Scroll down and find the language of your choice and it will take you to a list of pubs for that language.

Also try looking at Learn Ruby The Hard Way. You can read the book online for free. That is one of the best I have found so far…

There is my contribution! Looking forward to what others post.


One resource that lots of people here recommend are the You Don’t Know JavaScript ebooks. They are available for free on github, I believe.

I’d say JavaScript: The Good Parts is another good one to have sitting around.


I think my Forum Bookmarks are just a bunch of your posts, P1xt. Thanks for the resources!

Wow awesome guys!

The YDKJ i already got it :slight_smile: but P1xt list is insane! A lot of material to dive in in the near future.

Thanks a lot for helping out!

Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set by Jon Duckett were very nice books for beginners and experts alike. Very well organized and methodical.